We offer ASN analytics reports capability for FastNetMon Advanced which implements native support for per ASN bandwidth calculation and stores it into InfluxDB or Clickhouse in pre-calculated format.

It implemented following way:

root@fcli> show asn_counters_v4 outgoing
28026              4810 pps 38 mbps
52374              3028 pps 25 mbps
52376              2345 pps 17 mbps
15169              1769 pps 10 mbps
20940              1285 pps 8 mbps
2906               1075 pps 8 mbps
3356               484 pps 3 mbps
15133              412 pps 3 mbps
16509              633 pps 2 mbps

To enable it you will need following options:

sudo fcli set main enable_asn_counters enable
sudo fcli set main asn_lookup enable
sudo fcli commit

It can read ASNs from Netflow or we can use our own intelligence to enrich it. If your router does not provide ASN information you need to generate ASN database:

sudo fill_dictionaries

After that you will need to restart FastNetMon:

sudo fcli commit

If you want to use Clickhouse based dashboards you will need to enable Clickhouse metrics in configuration. If want to use InfluxDB based dashboards then you need to enable it in configuration.

All new installations of FastNetMon enable InfluxDB and Clickhouse metrics by default.

To show ASN reports in Grafana we offer following dashboards for you:

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