Application Layer DDoS Attacks

Mitigating Application Layer DDoS Attacks: Best Practices for Online Businesses

Application Layer DDoS attacks are an extremely popular, and effective, technique used by cybercriminals to disrupt web-based services. There are several variations of application layer attacks, so mitigating them can ...

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DNS Amplification Attacks

The Threat of DNS Amplification Attacks: Safeguarding Your Infrastructure

Denial of service attacks all have one goal in common – to use network traffic to overload a target system causing it to fail or become unresponsive. For the criminals ...

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Case Study with MKE Solution

Solving a large DDoS attack problem for a leading telecommunications consultancy provider

FastNetMon Stories: Here from real users of the FastNetMon solution MKE Solutions, a leading telecommunications consultancy, turned to FastNetMon to address their critical problem of enduring 35 daily DDoS attacks. ...

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Visibility is key to network security

IT Leaders Believe Visibility is Key to Network Security

A recent survey found 81% of IT leaders believe network visibility is essential for strong network security and response. The survey, conducted by Forrester on behalf of Infoblox, reached 423 ...

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Choosing a network monitoring tool.

How To Choose the Right Network Monitoring Tool

Recently, we wrote about how network visibility can help organisations detect cyber threats, illuminate network blind spots, optimise network performance, and more. Today, we’re taking a step back and asking ...

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Why is Network Traffic Visibility Important

Why is Network Traffic Visibility Important?

Network security is a critical function for any business today—and it started with network traffic visibility. To protect against increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks, organisations must be able to detect and prevent ...

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Network Observability

Network Observability: A Key Component of Your Anti-DDoS Strategy

Network observability is the first step in preventing any network-based cyberattack. Without the ability to observe the entire network, there is simply no way to detect and prevent malicious activity, ...

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The world of DDoS in 2022

2022 Roundup: What Happened in the World of DDoS?

It’s 2023. A new year. But before we start talking about the latest DDoS trends, news, and mitigation advice, it’s worth looking back over the events of the year past. ...

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Three ways to prevent attacks.

Your Anti-DDoS Strategy: Three Ways to Prevent Attacks

Anti-DDoS systems have become a crucial part of any cybersecurity strategy. According to the 2022 Data Breach Investigations Report, DDoS attacks account for 40% of all security incidents. Attacks are ...

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Case study: Indian ISP Protects Against Large Volumetric DDoS Attacks with FastNetMon

Indian ISP Protects Against Large Volumetric DDoS Attacks with FastNetMon

For an ISP, DDoS attacks can be hugely damaging. A large volumetric attack can disrupt customer-facing services, harming an ISP’s business model, damaging the customer experience, and potentially costing the ...

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