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Mikrotik bundled support has arrived!

Hello, my dear Community! Recently we have finished another significant step in FNM development with GREAT help from Community side! So you should look at awesome Mikrotik integration code by Maximiliano ...

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FastNetMon 1.1.3 release

Hello, everybody! I would like to announce new awesome release of FastNetMon – 1.1.3. Here you could find a lot of changes from master tree which was tested really well ...

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Awesome speech about FastNetMon and NetHealer from Vicente De Luca

Hello, my Dear Community! I would like to share this awesome slides from Vicente He presented this speech at NANOG 66 at San Diego, CA, US.

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Graphite scalability and why InfluxDB is not well solution

Hello my Dear Community! I would like to share some results from my resent task. This article about Graphite optimization. So I have huge feedback about issues with InfluxDB. For ...

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FastNetMon on RIPE 71

Hello, Community! My presentation approved to RIPE71. Video here. I will be very happy to saw you on my presentation 🙂

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Awesome speech from Job Snijders about FastNetMon at ColoClue

Hello, Dear Community! Really awesome speech about FastNetMon experience at ColoClue. Video here. Slides here.

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API support arrived!

Hello, Dear Community! We have merged API support recently. You could check options here. We have built it on top of gRPC so you need to build GoBGP support because ...

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GoBGP support for FastNetMon merged

Hello, folks! I have merged GoBGP support for FastNetMon. If you are not familiar with it, please check this link. It do not build by default because it has huge ...

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MongoDB support arrived!

Hello, Folks! We are working hard last week! And we could offer new brilliant feature! We have added MongoDB support. So we could store attack information here and we are ...

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multi instance

FastNetMon multi instance mode

Hello, my Dear Community! I would like to share new useful feature for FastNetMon – multi instance mode. You could run completely isolated FastNetMon instances on same server/VM with this ...

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