DPI support have arrived for FastNetMon!

Hello, folks! We spend whole month for this feature and I would like to offer it here! Since now we could do Deep Packet Inspection for attack fingerprints! 🙂 Very ...

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New option have added – collection attack fingerprint in pcap format

Hello, Community! Nice news about new features! Since commit. we could collect 500 packets with full payload to the .pcap file dump for future investigation with tcpdump/wireshark. This option could ...

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host groups

New function in FastNetMon – per subnet thresholds!

Hello, my Lovely Community! Today I want to offer new awesome feature! Since now you could add any number of subnet groups and specify custom thresholds for they. Actually! We ...

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New features for this day

Hello, folks! It war very hard day but we have finished few important tasks. 1) We will trigger “unban” code only if attack definitely finished: commit. 2) You could tune ...

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