MongoDB support arrived!

Hello, Folks! We are working hard last week! And we could offer new brilliant feature! We have added MongoDB support. So we could store attack information here and we are ...

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multi instance

FastNetMon multi instance mode

Hello, my Dear Community! I would like to share new useful feature for FastNetMon – multi instance mode. You could run completely isolated FastNetMon instances on same server/VM with this ...

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Nethealer 250x250

Net Healer project

This post from our awesome Community member – Vicente De Luca! 🙂 Hi peep, at my company our /32 targets does not have a pre-defined bandwidth rate-limit, which means it ...

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FreeBSD  227x250

FastNetMon become part of official FreeBSD’s port tree

Hello, DDoS Mitigation Community 🙂 I have another awesome news about FreeBSD! We become part of official FreeBSD port tree. My huge thanks to Babak Farrokhi for doing this job! ...

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AF_PACKET support arrived! You could run FastNetMon in mirror mode without external kernel modules

Hello, my Dear Community! I would like to present next significant step in FastNetMon development. We have added support for AF_PACKET. What is AF_PACKET? It’s standard Linux facility for really ...

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Complete FastNetMon manual

Hello folks! I want to share new full and detailed documentation about project: FastNetMon Reference Russian 🙂 So it’s only in russian now, sorry 🙁 But you could try to ...

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Local and remote syslog support have added

Hello, my Dear Community! Yesterday I received nice feature request at GitHub. There are so much ideas here but my favorite is “syslog logging”. So for really bug instances or ...

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Privacy and FastNetMon

Hello, folks! I want to share this information because you should know it and I do not want to broke your privacy. I have added code which request external URL ...

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InfluxDB support have added

Hello, folks! If somebody like InfluxDB like me you could be interested in latest update about this awesome database 🙂 You could find docs about it here. I have finished ...

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BGP Flow Spec support / RFC 5575 have arrived to FastNetMon!

Hello, folks! We have added second killer feature! Since now we could block only attacker’s traffic to certain hosts in your subnet with awesome BGP Flow Spec. Yes! We do ...

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