Defence from DDoS attacks

The importance of having a rapid DDoS protection to defend from flash attacks

Distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS) are a significant risk to businesses of any size. One study found that recovering from a DDoS attack costs between $120,000 and $2m (£93,000 ...

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How to detect and protect from carpet bombing attacks

Rise of carpet bombing DDoS attacks and ways to detect and defend against them using FastNetMon Advanced

Carpet bombing DDoS attacks are an increasingly common form of cybercrime because they are harder to detect and block than a traditional targeted attack. However, FastNetMon provides powerful configuration options ...

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Cloud based DDoS scrubbing

How FastNetMon can reduce the cost of cloud based DDoS scrubbing

The increased severity and sophistication of DDoS attacks means that network security administrators need a collection of tools to mitigate risk. One effective option to reduce malicious traffic is the ...

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Protection from Mirai attacks

The Rise of IoT Botnets: Protecting Your Network from Mirai Attacks

First used in 2016, the Mirai botnet is old news. Built by two university students, the IoT-powered botnet was initially used to extort money from games server hosts.  A few ...

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Application Layer DDoS Attacks

Mitigating Application Layer DDoS Attacks: Best Practices for Online Businesses

Application Layer DDoS attacks are an extremely popular, and effective, technique used by cybercriminals to disrupt web-based services. There are several variations of application layer attacks, so mitigating them can ...

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DNS Amplification Attacks

The Threat of DNS Amplification Attacks: Safeguarding Your Infrastructure

Denial of service attacks all have one goal in common – to use network traffic to overload a target system causing it to fail or become unresponsive. For the criminals ...

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