FastNetMon Advanced Traffic Persistency


FastNetMon has bundled ability to store all traffic inside special column-oriented database. You could store all traffic inside it and retrieve it using well-known SQL syntax.

Install traffic database

Install required keys:

Add repository (for Ubuntu 14.04 or 16.04):

Install database:

Then please open configuration:

And remove line:

And start traffic database:

Download ASN mapping database

It’s mandatory step if you are interested in ASN numbers inside traffic database.

Configure FastNetMon to store traffic into traffic database

And start traffic_db daemon:

Make example queries

Start client:

Example query:

Execute ASN query:

As output, you could find number of packets per destination ASN for required time slice.

Also, you could use Grafana support to access to information from ClickHouse database. Please follow this guide to enable it.

Clickhouse does not have capability to remove old data automatically, you can use our script for this task.