In addition to command line management interface we offer comprehensive web user interface (chargeable addon).

To install it you need to use only Ubuntu 22.04 x86_64 (24.04 support will be added soon). Please note if you have visual stack installed previously you will need to suspend Nginx and explicitly prevent it from running:

sudo systemctl stop nginx
sudo systemctl disable nginx

First of all you need to install FastNetMon daemon using this guide.

Then you will need to install Clickhouse as Panel relies on it for metrics storage. You can do it this way:

wget -Oinstaller
sudo chmod +x installer
sudo ./installer -install_traffic_persistency

After that you need to run Panel installation logic this way:

sudo ./installer -install_fastnetmon_manager

After successful installation it will show you login and password:

02:14:35 You need to activate FastNetMon Manager license using instructions provided by our Team
02:14:35 You can access Panel with https://$ipaddress:8081
02:14:35 User: system@fnm.local
02:14:35 Password: xxxx

After finishing these steps pleas reach our support team to get license activation code for Panel and then activate it this way:

sudo ./installer -activate_fastnetmon_manager --fastnetmon_manager_activation_coupon 1111BBBB-AAAA-FFFF-BBBB-1122BBBBBBCCCCC

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