FastNetMon Advanced Notify Script in Bash

FastNetMon could call notify script which calls when DDoS arrives. You could use it for integration with third-part applications or monitoring systems.

We use mail tool, please install it before:

Example script provided below will send email to address specified inside script:

Please put it to file /usr/local/bin/notify_script.bash

And set executable bit for it:

Then open example notify script with favourite editor and specify your email in field: “email_notify”.

Then try to run it manually for ban action:

And try to run it manually for unban (we do not have details in this case):

You should receive example emails in both cases.

From FastNetMon side you need to apply following configuration:

Also, if you do not need any details about attack which FastNetMon provides to stdin, please disable this option and remove all lines where we use “cat”: